Code Development

Klausbruckner and Associates participates in the development of codes and standards relating to building uses and processes. By following the code process and participating at code hearings, Klausbruckner and Associates can better serve the needs of our clients by anticipating future changes to codes and technology.

We have been involved in the code development process for years holding high profile positions such as the ICC Fire Code Committee for several cycles, California Building Standards Commission, and NFPA 13 Code Committee. We have taught classes and encouraged participation in the code development process from both, members of the fire service as well as the business community. Members of our staff have years of experience in code committee participation including high piled storage and hazardous materials, and flammable/combustible liquids code committees.

We work with a variety of organizations to propose code changes to achieve better safety in work environments as well as for emergency personnel. We have voluntarily attended code development meetings preferring not to represent any specific industry in order to maintain our integrity in the decision making process We have authored manuals and chapters in fire code handbooks that are published by a variety of organizations, such as ICC (ICBO).

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