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Hazardous Material is one of our specialties at Klausbruckner & Associates. We offer solutions to fire and building code compliance issues for small to large businesses including Aerospace Industry, Biotech, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Research Laboratories, Educational Institutions, Government, and Manufacturing.

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We understand the need for fast turnaround and assignment of appropriate technical experts to address specific code compliance requirements, and the need to provide cost effective solutions.

We strive to provide you with piece of mind on hazardous material and fire code compliance issues.

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Chemical fires and incidents occur in a variety of businesses ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing to hydrocarbon tank storage facilities. These challenges, both environmental and physical, require multi-faceted solutions. These solutions often require a complete understanding of the chemical and physical properties whether stored or used, as well as methods of transfer of these materials.

Understanding the hazards associated with these chemicals is critical in reducing the risks of an incident such as a spill, system malfunction or fire while minimizing damage and business interruption.

Using our unique chemical database containing over 60,000 chemicals classified in accordance with internationally recognized codes, allows us to efficiently quantify inventories in accordance with their hazard classes.

Based on our knowledge and experience in the fire protection field, Klausbruckner and Associates, as members of the design team and the fire protection and environmental community recommend industry-proven solutions. We have successfully recommended solutions in order to reduce cost, as well as to reduce the risk of protection system malfunctions.

Our clients include a range of businesses such as paint manufacturing and storage facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, distilleries, military fuel tank farms, chemical research and development laboratories, plating shops, semi-conductor manufacturing, health/beauty industry, aerospace industry and national retail/wholesale uses.

We are committed to the best interest of our client in the continued protection of life and property.



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