Performance Based Codes

With the recent introduction of performance based codes, predictions of how fires spread and fire protection systems performance are improving at a rapid pace. In most cases, zone fire modeling has given way to the more complex and the more accurate models such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. The complexity of fire modeling today is proven to be more challenging with the introduction of new technologies, such as new types of sprinkler systems and more complex issues such as exhaust ventilation in buildings. Through a performance based code system, the solutions to code challenges is often times found through fire modeling.

To better serve our clients’ needs, Klausbruckner and Associates utilizes the best and most widely accepted performance based fire modeling solutions. Our fire modeling experience in a variety of projects such as tank farm fire analysis and rack storage fire behavior analysis has helped our clients maintain a successful operation while solving the concerns of the regulators. We evaluate each individual project based on sound fire protection engineering standards.

In applying these cutting edge engineering models, we understand that there are advantages and disadvantges to both methods of design, and therefore one simply does not replace one with the other. Often prescriptive codes, rooted in well understood fire and building scenarios, are used in combination with results of a performance based analysis in areas where the prescriptive codes cannot clearly define fire protection systems. This approach will provide an accepted solution that will maximize life safety objectives while minimizing fire protection and building costs.

When performance based analysis is applied, the results will need to be reviewed by code-enforcing authorities. Our reputation and track history in applying and specifying fire protection safety standards establishes the necessary credibility among all parties.

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