Pharmaceutical Biomedical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnology businesses are complex and create unusual loss prevention challenges, as they handle and maintain dangerous chemicals on their premises. Often these facilities encompass a wide range of hazards, from bulk chemical facilities, clean production facilities, and laboratories, to warehouses and site utilities, and as a result these businesses are relentlessly buffeted by the ever-changing regulatory challenges.

Whether you need advice on protection of spaces for storage, handling, and dispensing of flammable and combustible liquids (solids), or need guidance in the choice of suppressing agents such as CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam incl. low (or high) expansion foam-water sprinkler systems, Halon alternatives, and Water Mist or containment requirements in the event of fire and subsequent sprinkler discharge, you are in good hands.

At Klausbruckner & Associates we stay abreast with constant changes and revisions of the fire and building code and will support your need in maintaining current compliance requirements. We will provide a team of licensed experts to address the numerous fire and building code challenges. We will support you through all phases of your project with industry targeted, cost effective solutions that will meet your timeline and project needs.

Our client list includes a variety of companies in this field - from internationally well-known pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnology businesses to smaller size research facilities.

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