Warehousing is one of our specialties at Klausbruckner & Associates. We offer solutions to any warehouse, rack storage, palletized, or high-piled storage application. Whether it is facility construction, a change of occupancy, sustaining or maintaining fire code compliance based on changing business needs, or closure of plants and facilities, we will provide cost effective customized solutions for your business.

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Our high-piled combustible storage experts will solve your code compliance issues fast and cost effectively. Call us and experience one of the best services in the industry!

Frequently asked questions on the application of ESFR sprinklers can be found in our article titled "ESFR Sprinklers The Perfect Solution To Warehouse Fire Protection?". General questions related to change of occupancy, type of sprinkler protection, or design densities are discussed in "Sprinkler Protection Simplified". Common issues relating to smoke detector selection and detector performance under warehousing conditions are reviewed in "Warehouse Fire Tests - Smoke Detectors". Fire test results and recommendations on the application of HVLS fans for warehousing are presented in our article "Do HVLS Fans Risk Fire Safety?"

Warehouse Combustible Storage

With the rising cost of real estate in most parts of the world, and in order to take advantage of the maximum space available, many storage and warehousing facilities are built significantly higher in recent years. The challenges associated with these facilities have increased over the past decade. Additionally, the number of unique storage configurations and specialty storage uses have also increased.

The fire protection community, including the insurance carriers, codes and standards publishers and the fire sprinkler industry are continuously striving to keep up with the newest in fire protection solutions for the unique challenges associated with these types of facilities.

Klausbruckner and Associates, working closely with building owners and their insurance carriers, members of the design team, and the fire protection community will provide sound fire protection solutions to address the current and changing needs of building owners.

We are committed to serving our clients to provide recommendations, which not only shorten construction schedules, but also result in minimizing potential damages in an incident, reducing system maintenance and reducing risk and insurance premiums. To this end, we assist in increasing the overall value of buildings.

We offer comprehensive code solutions for high-challenge fire protection building uses. Members of our widely respected staff have extensive experience in a large array of storage facilities such as plastic storage warehouses, paint warehouses, retail/wholesale facilities, data storage facilities, and carousel and rack storage facilities.



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