Types Of Commodity Classifications

Klausbruckner & Associates is a consulting firm specializing in fire and building code regulations. We provide unrivaled expertise and service nationwide in the areas of commodity classification of ordinary combustibles, high hazard combustibles (incl. Group A, B, C plastics), chemicals and hazardous materials, for all types of storage including warehousing and high-piled storage.

Commodity classification requirements can be grouped into two general areas

Knowing the type of classification you need to have addressed:

Warehousing Of Combustible Storage

Warehousing and High-Piled Storage is one of our specialties at Klausbruckner & Associates. We offer solutions to any warehouse, rack storage, palletized, or high-piled storage application. Whether it is facility construction, a change of occupancy, sustaining or maintaining fire code compliance based on changing business needs, or closure of plants and facilities, we will provide cost effective customized solutions for your business.

Our services include



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