Free Online Access To NFPA Codes and Standards

June 29th, 2011

NFPAThe National Fire Protection Association is providing free online access to various NFPA codes and standards. The service, which is available to NFPA members and non-members, allows both PC and Mac users to access these documents electronically.

While this free online service will not replace a printed or electronic version of these documents, it is well suited for people who do not need or cannot afford a regular set of NFPA codes and standards, or for anyone who simply wants to quickly look up a specific code section on line.

Of course there is a small “catch” to all this:  The free online versions of these codes and standards cannot be “printed, saved, cut and pasted, or searched” (you can use the table of contents to navigate the documents). All there is required to register, if the user is not already a NFPA member, to gain immediate access.

The signup process is quick and simple! Just visit the NFPA web page, choose the standard (or code) of interest, and under “Free access to the 20XX edition of NFPA XX” (replace XX with your edition and NFPA code numbers) click on the provided link, then log in or use the sign up option to register and view the document(s). See complete list.

Update, August 2013: As pointed out by one of our readers, now only the latest published versions of NFPA standards can be viewed for free, though older versions are available for purchase.

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