K&A Web Tools Updated

November 3rd, 2020

We updated our popular web tools, i.e. the Asphyxiation Calculator and the NFPA 13 2016 to 2019 Edition Cross Reference Search. Adobe and Microsoft discontinued the support of Flash based applications in 2020. These new non-Flash based versions of our web tools and applications have the same functionality as the previous versions.

Access the new web tools from the top menu: ‘For Our Clients’ or directly by clicking on the following links:

Asphyxiation Calculator The risk of asphyxiation, a condition of insufficient supply of oxygen to the body, can be assessed by using several factors to calculate the resulting oxygen concentration.

NFPA 13 Cross Reference Search A cross reference between the previous and the new edition of NFPA 13 has been prepared to help locate and narrow down the search into applicable code sections. This tool is an extension of the Roadmap reference found in the appendix of NFPA 13 2019.

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