ESFR K-28 For 50 ft Storage without In-Racks

June 27th, 2019

FMBased on the recent successful fire test of 50-ft rack storage in single and double row racks with cartoned unexpanded Group A Plastics (and encapsulated/ unencapsulated Class I–IV commodities), FM Global approved a new type of ESFR sprinkler for high-challenge storage applications, the ESFR K-28. It is approved as a ceiling-only, quick-response, wet-pipe, pendent storage sprinkler.

FM Global previously listed ceiling heights for cartoned unexpanded plastics only up to max. 45 ft ceiling height (K-25.2). But this large K-factor ESFR sprinkler head can be used for rack storage and ceiling heights in excess of 45 ft (currently the limit in DS 8-9 July 2018) up to 55 ft without the need for in-rack sprinklers.

The FM fire test was performed in collaboration with Viking testing the company’s new ESFR sprinkler head and design, requiring 9 heads at 80 psi each (three sprinklers installed on three adjacent branch lines). The sprinkler installation design is based on FM Global’s DS 2-0.

The ESFR type head is listed to utilize a minimum aisle width of 8-ft for 50-ft storage. The total water demand for this ESFR system is approximately 2250 gpm and in line with similar type sprinkler systems and storage heights, and most likely will require the use of a fire pump. Hose Demand is 250 gpm per FM requirements.

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