K&A Seminar – Storage Sprinkler Protection, Micro Breweries And Distilleries

October 29th, 2015

Klausbruckner & Associates is announcing the seminar “Storage Sprinkler Protection, Micro Breweries And Distilleries” for Wednesday, November 18th 2015. Presented are basic NFPA 13 storage requirements and fire and building code requirements related to Micro Breweries and Distilleries.

The seminar will be part of the Southern California Fire Prevention Officer’s meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend. Just register for the meeting on the Web page: http://www.firepreventionofficers.org/. The meeting is $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

The seminar is targeted to provide a basic understanding of:

Part I: Sprinkler Protection for Storage of Ordinary Combustibles (2 hours)

  • Commodity Classification, including some of the new changes in NFPA 13 2016 Edition.
  • Definitions in NFPA 13 2013 Edition relevant to storage such as solid shelving, back to back shelf storage, etc.
  • Sprinkler criteria listed in Chapter 12-20 of NFPA 13 2013 Edition (2016 Edition) with emphasis on formatting of the chapter so that relevant sections are easily found.
  • Pitfalls and examples including discussions on the history of solid shelving and use of “limited High Hazard Commodity” in the fire code.
  • Part II: Micro Breweries and Distilleries (20 minutes)

  • Discussions on various distillation processes and raw ingredients used.
  • Discussions on Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs).
  • Discussions on combustible dust, analysis approach, current and new codes.
  • Storage of distilled spirits and conflicts between the Fire Code and Building Codes.

For more event details, please see Section Upcoming Seminars

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