Water Mist For North America

March 28th, 2012

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers is providing a FREE webcast on Water Mist Fire Suppression on Wednesday, May 2nd from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PT). Reviewed are Water Mist technology applications for data centers, marine vessels, offshore installations and power generation sites. The session will explain the critical changes to and requirements of NFPA 750.

Are you comfortable in approaching jobs that require water mist fire suppression?

Who in your organization is knowledgeable in the technology to determine where and when it will represent the best choice for your client in terms of a complete fire protection solution?

You understand the importance of fire control and suppression, now it’s time to become familiar with the specifics of water mist. In this session we will explain the critical changes and requirements of NFPA 750. We will cover the specific standards that dictate the design, installation, operation and maintenance required for water mist as defined by FM, UL, IMO and VdS.

Water mist has progressed significantly in the last twenty years and is now an established environmentally sustainable answer to many unique demands. Learn how cultural heritage sites (e.g. museums, historic homes, and libraries), data centers, marine vessels, offshore installations and power generation sites rely heavily on water mist to protect people, property and business continuity. Hear how industrial installations, transportation applications, hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings have recently adopted water mist.

Upon completion of this webinar you will learn the following key elements of a water mist fire protection:

How to incorporate water mist into the design of renovations or new construction by understanding the benefits.
Understand the different water mist technologies and recognized test labs.
How to explain the science of water mist to clients in terms of fire protection and performance
Understanding fire test protocols
Advantages of adding water mist systems to your tool kit of fire protection methodologies
Discover how to overcome water mist technology obstacles and find simple solutions to meet fire protection requirements

These free SFPE webinar events are usually in high demand, so we urge you to sign up early. For pre-registration, more seminars and additional information, please visit the SFPE webpage

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