K&A Supporting Local Homeless Drive

December 4th, 2013

People Helping PeopleDuring this holiday season the Klausbruckner and Associates team set out again to make a difference in the community of San Diego setting up a ‘Homeless Drive’ for the homeless donating 100 care bags, each containing a sleeping bag, blankets, scarves, warm socks, clothes, towels, food gift certificates, toys for kids and miscellaneous personal items, some of which were donated by other businesses supporting this drive.

The bags and toys were donated to the San Diego Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit organization in San Diego.

San Diego Coalition For The Homeless:


Stamp Out Hunger 2011 For the last four years, Feeding America San Diego has granted the Coalition and the Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City the privilege of being recipients of food collected by mail carriers at the Lexington Post Office in El Cajon. Food collected has been shared by the Coalition and the Church. Food at our outreach location in the basement of the Church is distributed from our pantry Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Available food from the local food banks has been scarce due to our economic downturn. The food drives from the post offices have kept us with enough good food for the needy for at least two months. Last year, 13,000 pounds was collected and it was shared 50-50 with the Church. Times are still tough in the United States. For the people who come to our doors for emergency food for themselves and their families, being needy has become desperation. As we waited for the first trucks to come in for unloading, there were worried conversations about what we might expect because of the local economy. However, the caution was overridden by less conservative volunteer hopefuls who exploded with disbelief! “It looks like double what we got last year!” The conservatives among us (namely me) said “Well, we’ll know for sure when the last truck pulls in”The last truck pulled in. Shouts from our tireless volunteers shouted: “TRUCK” Unloading the small mail truck was reminiscent to me when I was a kid at the circus. A tiny vehicle looking like a VW, was in the ring and about 30 clowns kept piling out of it. This was the way it was with the last truck. Two large wheeled carts took the food to be weighed. We were thrilled. We were about 500 pounds short of 26,000 pounds! We were set to leave when yet another truck pulled in because his station had closed. His stash pushed the pounds to 103 pounds less than 26,000 pounds…..DOUBLE LAST YEAR’S DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Coalition will have enough substantial food for at least three months for the hungry. Words are inadequate to thank Feeding America San Diego, the Lexington Post Office, Terri Perez and all of the mail carriers and volunteers who did so much to help thousands of people needing help. Bouquets, thanks and hugs to all of the people in our communities for their compassion and generosity. Thank you from my heart to all who gave so much.

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