Legalization of Fireworks in Arizona

August 1st, 2010

Legalization of fireworks is a hotly debated subject: Arizonans will be able to buy and use fireworks starting December of this year. Safety concerns over the law have divided residents. Arizona is following several other states that have already legalized fireworks. If this measure is successful, would this open the door for legalized fireworks in its neighboring states, such as California?

As always there are arguments for and against such legalization. ABC 15 is presenting a pro and con discussion of this topic. On one side Larry Contreras, Deputy Chief Fire Prevention of Phoenix Fire Department is presenting his views on how legalizing fireworks will increase fire risks and injuries to citizens who are untrained in using the sometimes dangerous materials.

On the other side Mike Williams, an Arizona fireworks lobbyist, is discussing his arguments contending that plenty of other states already have legalized fireworks and are harmless in the hands of responsible citizens.

Both sides agree that fireworks in the hands of young adults can be very dangerous and statistics have shown that children and young adults are responsible for a large amount of firework related injuries.

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  1. Jun Jun
    March 21st, 2011 at 12:49 | #1

    Fireworks are such a quintessential part of celebrating our nation’s freedom that I can’t imagine anybody not being able to set some off during the holiday. It would personally drive me crazy to not have my arizona fireworks each year! This was such an interesting read; I learned a lot from reading it. So thank you for sharing it with everyone.