Mary Eriksen-Rattan Award 2016

April 4th, 2016

CA Fire Chief AssociationElley Klausbruckner, Principal and Fire and Life Safety Code Consultant at Klausbruckner & Associates, was awarded the Mary Eriksen-Rattan Award at the Annual California Fire Prevention Institute in Buellton, California. This distinguished award was presented by the California Fire Chiefs Association on March 17th.

The award was especially touching since Mary was a business partner and a close personal friend of Elley Klausbruckner. It was a moving ceremony that honored and remembered Mary’s past dedication and drive.


Mary Eriksen-Rattan Award

Mary Eriksen Rattan started her professional life by earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1966 from Fort Hayes State College and becoming a certified medical technician. Not satisfied with that profession, Mrs. Eriksen‐Rattan went on to obtain various credentials in fire protection, including certification in fire protection engineering and a lifetime teaching credential in fire science from UCLA. She taught fire science at El Camino College in Torrance and taught courses on building construction for hazardous materials at UCI, SDSU, and OSU.

She was working for an El Segundo fire alarm company when the city of El Segundo hired her as a fire plan reviewer, which eventually led to her appointment as fire marshal – one of the first females to hold that title in the country. After marrying, Mrs. Eriksen‐Rattan moved to La Mesa where she opened a fire prevention consulting business in 1984, specializing in provisions of the Uniform Fire and Building Codes. She maintained that business until five days before her passing on March 7, 2006.

Mrs. Eriksen Rattan distinguished herself throughout her varied career. Among her many accomplishments, she chaired the Uniform Fire Code Article 80 (hazardous materials) Rewrite Committee, and co‐wrote A User’s Guide to Article 80 in 1991. More noteworthy than her resume, however, was her reputation as a problem‐solver and perfectionist who was endlessly driven. But above all, Mrs. Eriksen‐Rattan was known as an authority who always made herself available to assist her fellow fire prevention colleagues with applying the codes fairly and accurately.

The Mary Eriksen‐Rattan Award was created to recognize those special fire prevention professionals who represent the technical ability, sound leadership and endless drive that Mary possessed. This is a special recognition which is only awarded when a person meeting the criteria is identified.

Mary Eriksen‐Rattan Award Recipients

2006 Mary Eriksen‐Rattan
2009 Penny Overstreet‐Murphy
2011 Rolland Crawford
2012 Kevin Scott

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