SFPE Free Online Course On Fire Risk Assessment

July 19th, 2011

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers is offering a free course on Fire Risk Assessment to improve the understanding on how to mitigate the fire risk in a building or facility. The course titled “Introduction to Fire Risk Assessment” consists of 19 online lectures each at a duration of about 15 minutes.

SFPE states that this course was developed primarily for fire service and fire prevention officers, but we believe that it can also be useful for facility managers and building operators, or just about anyone, who would like to learn about a rigorous approach in assessing fire risk. The series of video lectures offers a self-paced learning environment with the ability to pause, rewind and replay the presented materials at the viewer’s own pace.

In addition, a guide book accompanying the course called “Engineering Guide to Fire Risk Assessment”, developed and published by SFPE, is available separately from the SFPE website.

The guide is applicable to situations where new designs are being developed to mitigate the fire risk in a building or facility, or where the risk present in an existing building or facility is being evaluated to determine if it is acceptable. The guide addresses the following topics: definition of project scope and goals, setting risk acceptability thresholds, developing fire scenarios and scenario clusters, data for risk analysis, frequency analysis, consequence analysis, risk estimation, uncertainty analysis, risk evaluation and documentation.

The course reviews and discusses

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Organization of Guide
Session 3: Overview
Session 4: Stakeholders
Session 5: Decision Making
Session 6: Fire Risk Assessment Process
Session 7: Project Scope and Goals
Session 8: Strategic Goals
Session 9: Risk Perception
Session 10: Hazards
Session 11: Fire Scenarios
Session 12: Scenario Structure
Session 13: Data
Session 14: Frequency
Session 15: Consequence Analysis
Session 16: Risk Estimation
Session 17: Uncertainty Analysis
Session 18: Risk Evaluation
Session 19: Documentation

The video lectures of the course are free to members and non-members and can be accessed through the SFPE website, (click) here.

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