KnA Seminar High-Piled Combustible Storage

April 7th, 2017

On May 11th in San Marcos, Texas, this 4-hour seminar sponsored by the SFPE Austin – San Antonio Chapter will provide a detailed understanding of the hazards associated with high-piled combustible storage. The seminar is targeted towards fire and building inspectors, fire prevention officers and professionals. Discussed will be the latest fire and building codes and regulations, in particular Chapter 32 of the International Fire Code and NFPA 13.

Attendees will learn how to use the commodity classification system and identify various storage methods. Also discussed is how each storage method impacts fire behavior, and how to review and develop appropriate fire protection measures to mitigate the risks. In addition, workshops are planned to help the seminar participants in applying the learned material and further their understanding in the intent of the codes and regulations and ultimately achieving a solid fire protection approach and fire protection strategy.

  • Date: May 11th
  • Location: San Marcos Activity Center, San Marcos, TX
  • RSVP Deadline: May 5th (event page)
  • Audience: Fire Prevention Officers & Professionals, AHJ, Building and Fire Systems Inspectors
  • Registration Fee (includes lunch and refreshments): Prepaid Online – Member: $50 Prepaid Online – Non-member: $65 At Door – Member/Non-Member: $75

For more event details, please see Section Upcoming Seminars

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