K&A Helps “The Waterman”

December 19th, 2011 Print This Post Print This Post

This holiday season the Klausbruckner and Associates team set out again to make a difference in the community of San Diego setting up a ‘Let’s do it caring bag drive’ for the homeless using the motto people helping people donating 50 bags, each containing a sleeping bag and miscellaneous personal items, some of which were donated by other businesses supporting this drive.

The bags were donated to the “Waterman”, , a nonprofit organization in San Diego (The Waterman Check-In Center provides homeless citizens in San Diego with basic human dignity by treating everyone with love and respect and providing a safe, clean, secure storage for medicine, personal documents and clothing so that they can take the first steps needed in getting a job or social assistance and housing. On average 8 to 10 people per month transition out of the Water Man Check-In Center and in to permanent housing).

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