KnA Seminar – Hazardous Materials

March 24th, 2017

This 4-hour seminar presented on April 4th at the Ben Clark Training Center in Riverside, CA will provide an understanding of the hazardous materials classifications as defined in the Fire and Building Codes and their effect on occupancy classification. The seminar includes workshops designed to help develop a better understanding of the presented materials.

Topics and Estimated Time for Each Topic

  • Fire and Building Code Hazardous Materials Classifications. Review of Materials Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet (M)SDS and how to classify a chemical based on the information provided in an (M)SDS. Includes some of the most common chemical classifications found in facilities. [1 hour]
  • Workshop: Classify 2-3 (M)SDS’s in small work groups [1/2 hour]
  • Use Of MAQs (Maximum Allowable Quantities) [1/2 hour]
  • Hazardous Materials Effect on Occupancy Classification [1/2 hour]
  • Control Area Concepts, Separation Concepts [15 minutes]
  • Exceptions for M Occupancies [15 minutes]
  • Different H-Occupancy Classifications [15 minutes]
  • Workshop – Series of Questions to work on in small groups [1/2 hour]

The seminar is sponsored by the Riverside County Fire Department.

  • Date: April 4th
  • Location: Riverside, CA
  • Audience: Fire Prevention Officers & Professionals, Inspectors

For more event details, please see Section Upcoming Seminars

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